Back Taxes CT: Help with Unfiled Returns and Back Tax Relief

Tax Returns have to be filed, whether they are personal or business returns.  It can be a daunting task.  Especially when you haven’t filed for several years.

We specialize in helping non-filers with IRS and State back tax relief. We represent clients every day who have unfiled returns or who owe back taxes.

What’s involved in handling back tax relief cases:

First, we figure out where the case is within the IRS.  Is it in Collections, or has the case been assigned to a Revenue Officer, as are many business cases. Then we understand any possible civil and criminal penalties. Next we look at FBAR (foreign) reporting, if foreign assets are involved.  Then we gather information to efficiently file returns. Once the returns are filed, and if you owe, how will the taxes be paid? Will we deal with IRS Collections, or will an Offer in Compromise (tax settlement) be possible, or some other tax resolution.  And with each case we take, we look for the tax opportunities, from the point of view of a CPA and an attorney.

Let us help you with back tax relief.  Call Barlow.  877-922-7569