Most Effective Criminal Defense Strategies

Tax Debt Problems

Being accused of a crime is not a fun thing for anyone, whether it’s charges for theft or even criminal charges related to tax debt problems. It can be terrifying to think that your future is in the hands of the justice system, which has proven time and again to not be just in all of its rulings. It is essential that those who are dealing with a crime accusation get help from a lawyer immediately so they can start protecting your behalf. As a criminal defense lawyer explains in the article below, here are some of the most effective criminal defense strategies, when used wisely.

There is insufficient proof to deem guilty. 

As they say, you are innocent until shown otherwise, which puts the proof burden on the side of the prosecution. They have to prove that you are guilty of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Those who have been accused of a crime must contact a legal team who is experienced in handling criminal defense cases, similar to the lawyers from the Law Group of Iowa. Regardless of the evidence that the prosecution shows in court, you and your legal team must find ways to discredit them by pointing out flaws in their story against you.

You have a reliable alibi.

An alibi is any evidence that shows you were not at the location when the supposed crime happened, which can be greatly used in your favor. If you can show that you were not present at the crime scene, then there is no way you can be found guilty. Simply put, being in two places at once is impossible, and the prosecution will have a hard time refuting this strategy if it is appropriate for the case. If you have an alibi, share this with your lawyer so they can incorporate it into your defense strategy.

You were defending yourself and safety.

If police found that a big group of people were part of an assault or other activity that caused dangerous contact, they will have to pick who should be charged and who should be leg to. But these types of cases can be confusing, and police may not know for sure how the altercation began. If you were part of an assault situation but were acting in self defense, the court may mistake your behavior as an act of intentional aggression, which can result in a charge against you. If you felt like your life was in imminent danger, this is something to express to your lawyer right away.

You cannot distinguish between right and wrong. 

Insanity is a criminal defense strategy, but it’s not as frequently used as people may think. Before using the insanity plea, it’s important to discuss the chances of success with your legal team, and the possible ramifications if it does not work in your favor. Insanity is defined as the inability to distinguish between behaviors that are right and wrong. However, proving this in court is more challenging than you may think. Evidence from a healthcare professional or psychiatrist may be needed. If successful, it could mean the accused faces rehabilitation or other treatment.