Audit Assistance

Whether you are dealing with an audit on your personal taxes or your business taxes, an audit is a stressful experience. Even if you are confident that your taxes are in order, facing the IRS or the state is intimidating. If you’re uncertain about your previous taxes, or you have unfiled returns, this situation can be scary.

If you are facing an audit, the best course of action is to get professional audit assistance as soon as possible. Our tax accountants and tax attorneys will provide you with all the expertise and support you need to face the IRS or state with confidence.

Resolve Your Audit

Many taxpayers and businesses think they won’t be audited—until they are.

If you are audited, it is important to understand how an audit works and what you should expect. You should also know your rights, and understand that an audit does not automatically mean you owe money. If your taxes were previously filed correctly, we will provide the proof necessary to defend your position. If your taxes were not filed correctly, we will help you make corrections and reduce any additional tax payments to manageable amounts.

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Audited?

The IRS or state will not contact you via email or phone call to notify you of an audit. If you receive an email or phone call supposedly from the IRS or state, do not respond. This is, most likely, a scam. The IRS and state will notify you of an audit by mail. This means it is important to pay close attention to any mail addressed from the IRS or state, and read all notices carefully. These notices will tell you what to expect and how to proceed.  

If you’re not sure if the notification you received is authentic or not, but you’re not comfortable contacting the IRS, give us a call. We can tell you if an audit notice is legitimate, what it means, and how to proceed. If you’ve received a legitimate notice, but you don’t know what it means or what you need to do, we can help. With audit assistance from experienced tax accountants and attorneys, you’ll know what to expect and the best course of action.

Why Was I Audited?

This is a common question businesses and individuals ask themselves. If they have never been audited before, you might wonder what you did wrong, or what you did to set off an audit. An audit does not necessarily mean that you filed your taxes incorrectly.

In some cases, your return may simply be unclear, and the IRS needs more information. In other cases, another taxpayer or business may have misfiled documents such as a 1099 form or W-2, and the IRS needs to compare returns to find the problem. There are many other factors which may cause an audit, and there are many different types of audits. Some audits are simple and quickly resolved, while others are more complex. To prevent a drawn-out battle or additional problems, it’s best to get professional audit assistance at the first sign of an audit.

Do I Owe Money?

An audit does not always mean you owe money. Many audits are automatically generated by computers that compare and cross-reference returns. This method is far from perfect and many of these audit notices are generated in error. This is why it’s important to look carefully at the notice, and keep careful records to prove your returns were filed accurately.

If the IRS tells you your return was misfiled and you owe money, they may not be correct. Before agreeing to adjustments that you’re not sure about, you should always get audit assistance. Besides paying more than you should, you may also be subject to fines or penalties you don’t deserve. Furthermore, adjustments to your return may trigger more audits in later years.

Do I Need Audit Assistance?

A simple audit can quickly turn into a complex one. The best way to resolve the situation is to get audit assistance from a professional as soon as possible. Our experienced tax accountants and tax attorneys provide audit assistance for simple and complex audits of all types. We can tell you what your audit means, what documents you will need, and how you can resolve the audit as quickly as possible. With expert audit assistance, you can face the IRS or state without worrying about your budget, business, or your future. We’ll explain everything you need to know, and help you find the best way to move forward. Contact us today. 

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