State Tax Problems

Many businesses and individuals are most concerned about federal tax payments, audits and debts. After filing federal taxes, many taxpayers suffer from tax fatigue, and they may forget to file state taxes, or simply fail to file. Many taxpayers assume they won’t be audited, or their state won’t notice that they have failed to file. This isn’t the case. Over the years, this can result in a variety of state tax problems. We can help you solve them. 

Your State Tax Problems Can Be Solved

Unless you live in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington or Wyoming, you generally must file state taxes. In certain cases, like if your income is below a certain amount, you may not have to file, but you should not guess. If you’re not sure if you have to file state taxes, it is better to be cautious and find out. Taxpayers that consistently fail to file state taxes, especially if they own a business, will be audited. If you are notified of an audit, it’s best to work with an expert right from the start and avoid future problems.

State tax problems can get confusing, especially if you have lived in multiple states, lived in one state and worked in another, or have businesses in multiple states. We work with taxpayers across Connecticut and throughout the nation. Whatever state tax problems you have, regardless of where you live, we can help.

If any of the following are familiar to you, or you have another state tax problem, give us a call.

Do I Have To Pay State Taxes?

Tax rules are seldom simple or clear. There are many situations where you might not realize you had to pay state taxes, or pay to multiple states. If you just moved to a state and you’re unfamiliar with their tax rules, it’s easy to get behind. We can help you catch up.

What If I Paid To Another State?

Unfortunately, you may have to pay taxes to more than one state. If you lived in one state and worked for another, for example, you may owe taxes to two states. If you lived in multiple states, this is also the case. If you have been audited by more than one state, don’t worry. Contact us and we can help you deal with each state, step by step.

I Never Paid State Taxes. What Do I Do?

You’re not the only taxpayer to neglect your state taxes, but you don’t have to let this burden hang over your head. If you’ve been audited, you’ll have to file previous unfiled state taxes. The best course of action is to address the problem now, and find the best way to pay. We can help you pay the smallest amount possible, help you get an extension, and arrange a payment plan.

My Business Has Been Audited By The State. Now What?

State business audits, particularly state sales tax audits, are not uncommon. If this is the first time you’ve been audited, we understand your anxiety. There are many reasons the state may audit your business, but that does not necessarily mean that you filed incorrectly, or that you owe money. Work with a tax accountant to organize your documents and provide proof that you filed properly, or correct an misfiled return. If you are confident that your return was filed properly, but the state continues to pursue you, we can give you a strong defense.

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