IRS Tax Audit Help

Help with Your IRS Tax Audit. First, let’s understand the different types of audits:
The IRS CP2000 letter, also known as a “Matching” letter. It is a letter that proposes changes, based on information reported to the IRS that is not included with your return.
Correspondence Audit.  May be more frustrating that office audits.  Each time you call, you may speak to a different Tax Examiner.
Office Audit.  The focus can be quite specialized, and yet taxpayers often fail due to poor representation.  Understand the scope of the audit, and what is the best audit strategy based on a number of factors.
When notified of your IRS Income Tax Audit, don’t go it along.  Call Barlow Tax Solutions.
We can help with your IRS Income Tax Audit, by gathering the needed tax information, and creating an audit strategy. To learn more about how Barlow Tax Solutions can help you with this and other tax issues, please visit our How It Works page.