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Jim Barlow

Founder & CPA

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Charles Miller

Tax Attorney

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We understand how a letter from the IRS or a knock on your door can turn your life upside-down. From our offices in West Hartford, CT, we’ll customize tax relief services according to your specific situation.

IRS Tax Relief Services

West Hartford, Connecticut and Nationwide

Barlow Tax Solutions provides tax relief services in West Hartford, Connecticut and across the country. We put our financial and legal expertise to work for you so you don’t have to battle the IRS alone. Once you contact us, you can rest easy knowing your tax problems are solved.

Unfiled returns don’t have to follow you around. We’ll help you file.

If you are unable to pay, an offer in compromise can reduce your tax debt.

Businesses see tough times, but we can help you keep going.

A tax audit doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ll help organize your documents and finances.

Sales tax errors create many tax problems. Work with professionals to prevent them.

We will customize tax relief solutions so you can get your full paycheck back.

How our process works

We start with a consultation to fully understand your situation and help you select the best strategy. From there we will help you file and start fresh.

Tax Debt Problems

Tax concerns can put a tremendous emotional strain on you and your family. It can also affect your job or your business. We will work with you to put a plan in place to stop collection calls, worry, and strain. You have options; we will help you sort them out and protect your rights as a taxpayer.

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Tax Relief Solutions

There are tax strategies available under the Federal tax regulations. We’ll analyze your circumstances and find the best way to proceed in your case. The next step is simply a phone conversation with our team to discuss your situation.

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The Step by Step Guide to IRS Tax Relief

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What you should do after you receive a letter from the IRS.

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