IRS Installment Agreement

Though tax debt, interest, and penalties can stack up quickly, these debts can also be managed. An IRS installment agreement is one way which allows taxpayers to manage their debts, reduce penalties, and turn one large, looming, debt into smaller, more manageable payments. This agreements can be arranged in different ways, and we can help you organize the best installment agreement according to your situation and tax debt.

All Returns Must Be Filed

For an IRS installment agreement to be negotiable, all unfiled tax returns must first be filed. Barlow Tax Solutions can file these unfiled tax returns for you, and file the proper forms to negotiate an installment agreement. While it may be tempting to ignore unfiled tax returns, especially with an outstanding tax debt, these unfiled returns will not go unnoticed by the IRS. It is best to file any delinquent returns as soon as possible and negotiate an agreement before more interest or penalties accrue.

This agreement can include lump sum payments as well as monthly payments, and the payment timeline can be adjusted to pay off the debt quickly without imposing undue hardship on the taxpayer. Installment agreements are one of the most popular ways to resolve tax debt.

Our goal is to negotiate a reasonable installment agreement for you. Call us.

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