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Barlow Tax Solutions is a leading tax relief company located in West Hartford, CT. 

Clients come to us when they have received a notice from the IRS about back taxes, unfiled taxes, tax audits, payroll tax problems, and a variety of penalties and debts. Whether you have just received a notice about back taxes or you are suffering from wage garnishments or liens, we can help. Regardless of where you are in the tax debt or resolution process, we can help you organize and file documents, give you the best solutions for resolution, and stop IRS harassment. We work with individuals, couples, and businesses who are struggling with tax debt, working to keep their businesses, and sick of fighting the IRS. Whether you live in Hartford, CT, you are nearby in the New England area, or you are looking for expert tax assistance from another location, we can help.

Our tax relief company helps you resolve:

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The combined legal and financial expertise of our team helps to make us successful. Choosing the right actions to deal with the IRS requires both legal and financial experience. In some cases, legal action may be required to resolve disputes with the IRS. In other cases, careful accounting, documentation, filing the right actions and understanding the financial implications of IRS tax code can make all the difference. It’s difficult to know all the options available to you, and what you can and cannot do. That’s where we come in. We will work with you one-on-one to ensure we understand your situation, get all the proper documents in order, and pursue the best strategy for tax resolution.

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