Receiving Help When Considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

Bankruptcy can cause major financial issues. One of the reasons bankruptcy can often take place is because businesses and companies cannot maintain finances that would otherwise keep their workers, higher-ups, and more in a stronger and more efficient financial position.  An example of this would be the failure to pay back a loan. This could… Continue reading

Crypto-Taxation: Uncle Sam’s Cut of Your Tokens

Crypto-Taxation Cryptocurrency has been making the news recently, with some stratospheric records being set in one week and breathtaking price plunges occurring the next. More and more people are investing and exploring the world of cryptocurrencies. While mainstream adoption of any given currency is still well behind what their advocates would like to see, there… Continue reading

IRS Clarifies Charity Benefits

The Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2020 generally extends through the end of 2021 four temporary tax changes originally enacted by the CARES Act. Our tax lawyer friends at Bott & Associates, LTD has provided a summary of the provisions: Deduction for individuals who don’t itemize; cash donations up to $600 qualify… Continue reading

What Are the Consequences of Not Paying Back Taxes?

Paying taxes can be a stressful situation especially if you’re having difficulty financially or if your tax situation is much more complicated than a simple W-2. Due to these two issues, it’s actually quite common for Americans to get behind on their taxes and have back taxes they own to the IRS. Although it’s very… Continue reading

How a Lawyer Can Help You With Business Taxes

Owning a business is no easy task and whether you’re a single employee selling your services as a freelancer, own a small, specialty boutique with a handful of employees, or are working on building a corporate empire, there are plenty of challenges that come with owning and operating a business. One of these unique challenges… Continue reading

Are You Ready To File For Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision, especially if you aren’t sure whether the time to file is now, or later. Surveys suggest that loss of job and medical bill debts are two of the leading reasons why people file for bankruptcy. When both are a factor, it can make financial matters even worse.… Continue reading

How a Tax Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Your Debt

How a Tax Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Your Debt Facing tax debt of any amount can be stressful and is exacerbated the longer the debt remains unpaid. With consequences ranging from having penalities and interest accrue to having wages and assets garnished and even rare cases where international travel is prohibited/limited, facing tax debt… Continue reading

Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

For people who are dealing with financial troubles, bankruptcy might be an option. If you are having difficulty determining whether or not bankruptcy is the right debt relief option for you, don’t wait to talk to a lawyer who can give you legal advice and guidance. Making the decision to move forward with bankruptcy demands… Continue reading

IRS Tax Audit Help

Help with Your IRS Tax Audit. First, let’s understand the different types of audits: The IRS CP2000 letter, also known as a “Matching” letter. It is a letter that proposes changes, based on information reported to the IRS that is not included with your return. Correspondence Audit.  May be more frustrating that office audits.  Each time… Continue reading