Offer in Compromise, Reduced Tax Debt

“Several years ago I fell upon hard times with my business and was going through a divorce. I had a lot of tax debt, and needed an Offer in Compromise. I had neglected filing tax returns for 8 years and was at a point where the letters from the IRS were continuous. It was becoming an embarrassment having the letters show up at my ex-wife’s and ex-in-law’s homes and a demand package including the business card of a local IRS Agent showing up at my doorstep! And finally, the ‘Notice of Levy’ ended up at my employer. I had no idea where to turn. I was telling my best friend of over 30 years my problems and he mentioned that he knew a gentleman who specialized in solving tax problems and that I should give him a call. That was Jim Barlow…from the moment he took my call I felt at ease. He assured me that I was not the only individual having these issues and that once he had all my pertinent information he would be back to me with a systematic game plan to catch up my tax filings and work out a settlement with the IRS. At the time of engaging Jim, my obligations to the IRS including interest and penalties was shown to be well into the six figures! Jim then gathered all my tax documentation, brought all my tax returns current and negotiated the appropriate ‘Offer In Compromise’ with the IRS…my settlement was under $1,000! Jim lifted the most incredible burden from me and allowed me to start my financial life fresh! He has truly turned my life around!” – Bob Welles