Offer in Compromise, Tax Relief

“Jim Barlow is not only a good man, he’s a marvelous accountant. He’s been in practice for many years now and knows everything there is to know about tax codes, bottom lines and number crunching. He helped me achieve a successful Offer in Compromise and Tax Relief.

In my case, he worked miracles. My personal tax situation was a 13-year nightmare of debt and sleepless nights – I owed the feds more than $40,000 and, despite years of my best efforts to pay it down (including hiring a nationally-advertised tax accounting firm to help me come to some sort of a solution), the interest and penalties continually rose. I felt hopeless about the future, and was filled with anxiety. I needed tax relief.

I called Jim after hearing his radio ad, figuring why not give him a try? The result was marvelous – not only was Jim a gentleman and a square-shooter, he advocated for me to the highest levels of the IRS and worked out an Offer in Compromise for – literally – pennies on the dollar. I am now completely out of debt to the IRS.” – Jack Struthers