Tax Lawyer New Haven, CT

If you or a loved one needs assistance with taxes, you need to contact a tax lawyer in New Haven, Connecticut, like a lawyer from Barlow Tax Solutions, right away. There are many different reasons someone may need to hire a tax lawyer. It could be primarily for business reasons, or it could be for assistance with individual taxes. Continue reading to see how we can help you. 

Business Taxes

It is always important to have a business tax lawyer if you have your own company. No matter if you are large or small, online or in store, or whether or not you have any employees working for you, it is crucial to have a tax lawyer on your side so that your business files everything properly and on time. Your business tax lawyer will be a crucial part of your team, as he or she can give you peace of mind that everything you need done will be taken care of and ensure that you do not have any problematic business practices. 

Individual Taxes

We can help individuals with anything that we help businesses with as well. Sometimes, people with high net worth need a high-net-worth tax lawyer. It is important to have someone on your side so that if any issues ever do arise, you can get assistance immediately. Your assets need to be protected, and having a tax lawyer on your side will ensure that they are. You never want to make a mistake in filing your taxes that later costs you much more than it should. Speak to someone at Barlow Tax Solutions today to see what preventative measures we can take and how we may help you. Whether you got a concerning letter from the IRS or are just curious about tax laws, contact our office today. 

Issues with the IRS

If you have had problems with the IRS, a tax lawyer in New Haven, CT from Barlow Tax Solutions will be able to help you. Whether you were audited or had another dispute come up, one of our experienced lawyers will be able to look at your situation to see what the best way of getting you out a bind will be. We can look at old documents to see what kind of back taxes you may owe and whether or not we can help get some of the problems forgiven. Dealing with the IRS can be frightening and confusing at times, so it is important to have someone on your side who understands tax laws and will have your best interest at heart. 

Contact Barlow Tax Solutions Today

No matter what your tax needs may be, you should contact Barlow Tax Solutions right away to set up a consultation with one of our experienced tax lawyers. We can go over your financial situation, determine what your needs may be, then go from there. The lawyers at Barlow Tax Solutions are understanding and patient, so feel free to reach out about any questions you may have regarding tax law.