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IRS Tax Problems Solved

We get it. Dealing with tax problems and the IRS can be intimidating, frustrating and overwhelming...and it can seem impossible to financially recover from them.

That's why we’re here for you - not just with understanding, but with unique tax law expertise and experience that will help you solve your tax problems so you can finally put them behind you.

The IRS and state tax departments bring everything and everyone they need to the table. We’ll make sure you do too, with access to knowledge and resources that allow you to negotiate and resolve your tax debt with confidence, including legal representation. We have a CPA and a tax attorney on staff and will work with you to file back taxes, minimize tax penalties, end payroll tax problems, and much more.

And we don’t stop once we’ve solved your tax problems. We go the extra mile and work with you to determine how to avoid future issues with proactive tax planning and financial advice.

I urge you not to let your tax problems grow any larger.

Give me a call at 877-922-7569 or request a free consultation through our website to get started today. I look forward to speaking with you.

Yours truly,


Jim Barlow

What makes Barlow Different from Other Tax Resolution Firms?


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5 Steps to Tax Relief!

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We'll File Your Back Taxes

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IRS Tax Audit Assistance

Did you receive an audit notice from the IRS? If so, contact us immediately. We can explain what the notice means and will be there throughout the process to answer questions.