Business Tax Relief

“Some members of my family recently went through a very difficult situation. They needed sales tax relief. They owned businesses at two different locations and both of them had to go out of business due to financial obligations which they could not meet. This left them deeply in debt and having lost most everything they had.

One of their biggest obligations was to the State. They needed sales tax relief. We were referred to Jim by our attorney and it was the best decision that we ever made. Jim saw the desperate plight they were in with their family of seven with no income to pay their bills. He took their situation to heart personally and set out to try to help them with their huge State bill. Through his negotiations, he was able to show the State the dire situation this family was in, the amount of debt they had and their inability to pay off this debt. He was able to get the State to agree to $100,000 in sales tax relief..

Our family cannot thank Jim enough for the very personalized and heartfelt service that he gave us. He is not only very good at what he does professionally, but also on a personal level he is a very kind and caring individual who truly puts his full efforts into trying to help people. His sincere desire to help us at that difficult time of stress in our lives was very comforting and reassuring.” – Jay B.