Need Help With Your Tax Audit?

Our Connecticut CPA and tax attorney can help you defend you or your business against an audit, and get back on the right track if adjustments are needed.

With professional tax audit assistance, you can resolve a tax audit quickly and painlessly.

It’s important to remember that receiving an audit notice does not necessarily mean your taxes are incorrect, or that you owe money to the IRS. There are many different types of tax audits and notices, and many of these are automated. Notices are not always accurate and you should work with a tax attorney or tax accountant to make sure you don’t overpay.

Our Connecticut CPA & Tax Attorney will help you determine if:

The Error was made by the IRS
We will help you organize your documents and show that your taxes were filed correctly

Your returns were not accurate
We can help you reduce your tax debt, look for tax opportunities or make a payment plan that works best for you

Your taxes are correct but the IRS has not accepted the proof you’ve provided
Our Tax Attorney will defend you or your business

About Our Tax Audit Professionals

Jim Barlow, Founder & CPA

Jim Barlow

Founder & CPA

Charles Miller, Tax Attorney

Charles Miller

Tax Attorney

Barlow Tax Solutions is a leading tax relief company located in West Hartford, CT. Clients come to us when they have received a notice from the IRS about back taxes, business tax audits, sales tax audits and a variety of penalties and debts. Regardless of where you are in the tax debt or resolution process, we can help you organize and file documents, give you the best solutions for resolution, and stop IRS harassment. Whether you live in Hartford, CT, you are nearby in the New England area, or you are looking for expert tax assistance from another location, we can help.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Jim lifted the most incredible burden from me and allowed me to start my financial life fresh! He has truly turned my life around!”
– Bob Welles

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