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Our experienced CPA & Tax Attorney are ready to help you file your back taxes and resolve your tax debt problems.

File Your Back Tax Debt & Move Forward With Confidence

Do you owe more than $10,000 in back taxes? It is easy to get behind in taxes and allow one unfiled tax return to turn into two, three, or more. It is also tempting to ignore this problem and assume it will go away. This is not the case. If you have unfiled tax returns, the best course of action is to resolve this problem as soon as you can and work with one of our back tax relief professionals.

Our experienced CPA & Tax Attorney will help you:

File your back taxes right away

Organize your financial documents from previous years

Look for tax opportunities

Get current on all your tax debt and returns

About Our Back Tax Relief Professionals

Jim Barlow, Founder & CPA

Jim Barlow

Founder & CPA

Charles Miller, Tax Attorney

Charles Miller

Tax Attorney

Barlow Tax Solutions is a leading tax relief company located in West Hartford, CT. Clients come to us when they have received a notice from the IRS about back taxes, unfiled taxes, tax audits, and a variety of penalties and debts. Regardless of where you are in the tax debt or resolution process, we can help you organize and file documents, give you the best solutions for resolution, and stop IRS harassment. Whether you live in Hartford, CT, you are nearby in the New England area, or you are looking for expert tax assistance from another location, we can help.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I did not know where to turn when the IRS was breathing down my back for six years of unfiled tax returns. They had come to a point where they ‘filed the returns on my behalf’ and had filed a lien for nearly $150,000! After checking out many firms, I turned to Barlow Tax Solutions. Jim Barlow was professional and personable. He made no promises other than he would work diligently on my case. That he did, much to my delight and relief, he was able to negotiate an Offer in Compromise for a total of $7200! Thank you Jim Barlow!”

– D.S.

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