IRS Audit Lawyer New Haven, CT

Getting anything in the mail from the IRS is usually not very fun. People often immediately believe that they must have filed something incorrectly if they get an audit from the IRS, but this is not always the case. If you or a loved one ever gets an audit notice in the mail, you need to reach out to an experienced IRS audit lawyer in New Haven Connecticut, like a lawyer from Barlow Tax Solutions, right away. We can help you figure out what mistakes could have been made, if any, and determine what the next steps should be. There are many reasons the IRS may be sending you an audit. Continue reading to see if any of these things may apply to you. 

You filed your taxes incorrectly.

Making a mistake when filing your taxes is typically the most common reason a person is audited. Filing taxes is a long, sometimes complicated process. It can be especially confusing to someone who has never done it before. If you make a mistake the IRS may not notice, but there is also a good chance that you could be audited for the mistake. This is why you need to hire an IRS audit lawyer as soon as you get the notice so that you can fix your financial situation as quickly as possible. It can be incredibly stressful dealing with an audit, but the experienced lawyers at Barlow Tax Solutions know what they are doing and will be more than happy to help.

You and your business partner filed different things.

If you have your own business with someone else, you both may have discrepancies in what you filed. If there are differences that were detected when filing, you may get audited by the IRS. It is always wise to have a business tax lawyer on your side when you do own your own business, particularly for situations like this. If you did not go over your finances in detail, though, and are audited, a lawyer will help you navigate through this entire process as simply as possible. 

You owe money in back taxes.

Owing back taxes is an incredibly common issue among individuals. If you make a particularly large amount of money and do owe back taxes, the IRS may send you an audit. This can be simple enough to fix, but you will need the assistance of a lawyer to ensure you do everything correctly this time around. Making mistakes can be problematic, especially the second time around, so you should save yourself the headache of filing again by hiring a lawyer to help. 

You were selected randomly to be compared to others. 

Sometimes, you did not do anything wrong and the IRS is merely sending you an audit so that they can compare you to other people with similar financial circumstances. This is why you should not panic as soon as you get a letter in the mail from the IRS. Instead, hire an experienced lawyer from Barlow Tax Solutions to look over all of your documents and help you move forward with your life.