FBAR Penalties Lawyer Connecticut

FBAR Penalties Lawyer Connecticut- wooden gave on briefcaseIf you are seeking an FBAR penalties lawyer Connecticut residents rely on, you can rely on legal services at Barlow Tax Solutions. Tax season can be a stressful time for many people, and it can be tough to keep your finances in order. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will send you a notice if you do not pay your taxes correctly or on time. If you have to pay your taxes but are running into problems like accusations of fraud, inability to make payments, or other types of issues, the team at Barlow Tax Solutions can find solutions so that you can avoid serious consequences. They can help settle your taxes so that you can get peace of mind. Learn more by scheduling a risk-free consultation. 

FBAR Penalties Lawyer in Connecticut

If you have tax issues that need to be immediately resolved, you can obtain the help of a skilled and trained tax lawyer like one at Barlow Tax Solutions. They have years of experience helping clients who are going through various tax problems, like fraud charges, IRS payments, penalties and other consequences. Whether you are going through a tax audit, are not able to pay your taxes or other pressing legal matters, a skilled lawyer can help. The experienced team at Barlow Tax Solutions can provide you the counsel and guidance that you are seeking so that you can achieve relief from your tax-related troubles. 

What is FBAR? 

FBAR refers to Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report, which is an important tax document that must be filed to the IRS. If you are an individual who works abroad or you work with individuals from a foreign country, you must file this document with your tax return. However, it is required by law to include this, otherwise you could face harsh penalties. Unfortunately, many workers who are required to file this are not even aware of this requirement. If you are facing FBAR penalties, a lawyer can help you prepare the things you need so that your situation can be taken care of. 

FBAR Violations

Generally there are two types of FBAR penalties that you may be forced to pay: a willful failure to file and a non-willful failure to file. The difference between the two is based on whether or not you are aware of the FBAR requirement. 

As an FBAR penalties lawyer based in CT can explain, a violation can result in a penalty of up to $10,000 for a non-willful failure, and even greater for a willful one. Even a failure to file violation can result in a steep penalty, but you can receive additional penalties for every year that you fail to file the FBAR document. 

Why Hire an FBAR Penalties Lawyer 

If you are facing problems that are related to the FBAR, you may need to hire an FBAR lawyer who has specialized legal experience to achieve a positive outcome. These types of lawyers are qualified to assist clients who have issues related to FBAR violations. They can help you determine how to best avoid or minimize the consequences that FBAr penalties can incur. For legal assistance regarding an FBAR or tax-related issue, contact a skilled FBAR penalties lawyer in Connecticut now.