Unfiled Returns, CT Fresh Start letter

CT Department of Revenue Services (DRS), CT Fresh Start, recently sent out letters looking for unfiled returns. DRS identified possible audit candidates. It is urgent that you file any outstanding returns.

When was the last time you filed a tax return? If the answer isn’t within the past 12 months, your tax returns aren’t current. It is important to file taxes yearly so you stay current on your tax obligations to the IRS and DRS, and who knows–they may end up owing you money!

The first step is to gather all of your tax documents for previous and current tax years. These documents may include, but are not limited to:
Mortgage Interest Statements
Property Tax Statements
Business Financials

Barlow Tax Solutions offers a personalized approach to make sure that your prior year returns are corrected, and that audit risk is reduced.

We can help you gather tax information, even from prior years. Generally, it is better to start with the oldest taxes and work your way to the current return. At Barlow Tax Solutions, we specialize in this exact matter, and can help you make the journey from unfiled to filed. And if you owe money, we can help you resolve this, too! To learn more about how Barlow Tax Solutions can help you with this and other tax issues, please visit our How It Works page.