Back Taxes CT: Help with Unfiled Returns and Back Tax Relief

Tax Returns have to be filed, whether they are personal or business returns.  It can be a daunting task.  Especially when you haven’t filed for several years. We specialize in helping non-filers with IRS and State back tax relief. We represent clients every day who have unfiled returns or who owe back taxes. What’s involved… Continue reading

IRS Tax Audit Help

Help with Your IRS Tax Audit. First, let’s understand the different types of audits: The IRS CP2000 letter, also known as a “Matching” letter. It is a letter that proposes changes, based on information reported to the IRS that is not included with your return. Correspondence Audit.  May be more frustrating that office audits.  Each time… Continue reading

Municipal Bond Interest, CT Fresh Start Letter

CT Department of Revenue Services (DRS), CT Fresh Start, recently sent out audit letters on municipal bond interest. DRS identified possible audit candidates. It is urgent that you figure your municipal bond interest correctly on prior year returns. Municipal bond interest from obligations issued by states other than Connecticut is subject to CT tax and… Continue reading