Communication, Contracts, and Business Formation

In the world of business, lawsuits are not uncommon. There are many successful business people and thriving corporations that will still have to face a lawsuit at one time or another. Of course, you want to do everything possible to avoid being a part of litigation, but it’s not always possible to avoid it completely. Here are steps that you can take right now to protect your business and best interest while reducing the chances of litigation happening to you:

Prioritize Communication

Maintaining good communication can minimize the chances that you’ll get into a dispute with competitors, clients, or employees. It is worth the time to slow down and clarify everyone’s responsibilities and expectations. If anyone is left feeling confused about what their duty is or the exchange to be had, then they may not fulfill their end of the bargain. Here are other tips that can enhance communication:

  • Establishing and continuing to enforce best practices
  • Compromising on a current problem so the issue can be resolved before it becomes a legal matter
  • Remembering how your tone may be perceived despite your intentions
  • Not avoiding uncomfortable situations or conversations, as this will only make the problem worse overtime
  • Not promising more than what you can reasonably deliver
  • Keeping the promises you do make

Write a Sturdy Contract

To protect yourself and your business, you will have to write up a contract that clearly describes all of the commitments, responsibilities, and exchanges to be made. If your contract is riddled with mistakes, fancy legal wordage, or other confusing elements, it is not setting all parties in the agreement up for success. Keep your emails organized, avoid doing handshake deals, don’t use automatic templates for your contracts, have a lawyer review documents before signing, and save everything else that is important.

Confirm Business Formation

Some business owners may be surprised to find out that their business structure is actually not suitable for their kind of work. So to help reduce liability, business owners will have to seek out a lawyer to make sure that they have the correct entity for their business. Business owners will then need to keep records of corporate documents, reports, or other required documents if the business formation type necessitates it. Be sure to abide by every formality so that you are protected from liability. By confirming your business formation type, you can reduce the likelihood of business litigation happening to you.

As a business lawyer from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC knows, business owners must take certain steps and precautions so their business is set up to thrive. Always keep communication a priority, establish a sound contract, and make sure your business formation type is accurate for your field of work.